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Week 24- Path to my Future Self

WOW!!! The MKMMA journey is coming to an end, but as I look back it is really just the beginning of a new future. The course catapulted the clarity of my Definite Major Purpose, and I am so excited!!! I owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Mark, Davene, My Guide Carolynn, my mastermind and all the other members involved in my growth, I feel connections to others that is going to last a lifetime.

I am looking forward to Hawaii and sharing deeper understandings and insights together. It is going to be the ultimate Mastermind! The realization that the information has been inside of me the whole time has been powerful and is beyond measure. This course opened my eyes to it when before I felt blinded and a little lost. Amazing transformation within myself and as I continue to change into the person I was always meant to be I continue to stay positive and think into my existence the change I wish to see for myself. Charles Haanel tells me, “in order to express harmony, you must think harmony; in order to express health, you must think health; and in order to express abundance you must think abundance.”

file6051340886540This weeks Master Key is so incredibly impactful because it continues to go deeper and deeper with all the information. Charles Haanel says, “remember that no matter what the difficulty is, no matter where it is, no matter who is affected, you have no patient but yourself; you have nothing to do but to convince yourself of the truth which you desire to see manifested.” MYSELF is important and I am natures greatest miracle my thinking makes it so. This also coincides with the day/days of silence, that I have planned, but have not completed yet. “Go into the silence and know the truth,” impactful statement that makes me feel liberated to enter into silence with my future self and gain knowledge that is beyond anything else I have experienced. The TRUTH emerges inside first and is one with the universal, truth makes me free! WOW such a powerful Master Key.

This week has provided a much deeper understanding and realization of myself. I have more clarity on my path, I am learning continuously and I continue to be the observer. I am onto my new pathway to my future self. Thank you MKMMA!!!

Love you all!


Week 23- Powerful Beyond Measure

Week 23, WeEk 23, WEEK 23!!!! ….. How did we get to week 23 already!? Sometimes I wish time could go slower or freeze. Although I live by the compass daily and have one next to my bedside as a reminder to live by it I still feel like time goes by without us even realizing it. The end is a commencement, which really is the BEGINNING of my new lives journey and my future self guiding me into my true purpose in life.

file4581274356273The Laws of Least Effort has been so interesting, insightful, motivating and important learnings for this week and every single week from here on out. I am finding it easier to recognize tools to guide me into positivity and self-directed behavior without even thinking intently on it. The sits have helped clear my mind, making me more open to receive everything coming my way. “It takes less effort to succeed than to fail.” Jobs are not guaranteed so in my mind why not put effort toward dreams and aspirations than to a job I am not 100% satisfied with. I have been telling myself this everyday because I know I need to follow my bliss. The idea to understand my gifts in silence has become so unbelievably powerful that it makes me anxious for the 2-3 days of complete silence with myself.

“We are powerful beyond measure and WE are ALL meant to SHINE”


Week 22A- Mind Expanding

WOW such an amazing week!!! I know it was a “break” week, but my mind has been constantly going, growing, thinking, expanding, learning and developing further. I feel a huge sense of happiness no matter my changing surroundings.

The Audio by Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich for this week was one of the most powerful audios I have ever listened to. wallacedwattlesandbookIt just solidified and went deeper with all the information that we have been constantly learning each week from Wonderful Mark and the Fabulous Davene. Being “RICH” is just so much deeper than I could ever imagine or put into words. Feeding my mind,learning continually and opening my mind up to everything and everyone I truly believe I can receive my greatest dreams in life. I already have felt wealthy with this information that is changing my life every single day. Others have notice, I have noticed and I am headed down an unbelievable journey.


I am realizing life is just life the difference is WE have the power to create our surroundings and create our most desired passions. Looking ahead into my future I see wonders, adventures and great wealth. I am excited to receive all things coming to me and THINK them into existence. I pray and believe in GOD and in myself. All things in the universe are here for us and to help us. It is remarkable to think so deeply. I cannot wait for my moment of silence so I can really LISTEN to what is there for me to hear. Cut off ALL communication and accept the learnings in my head.

Do you ever think certain people are brought into your life? I do everyday to help me and answer my prayers to make my mind expand or my dreams grow. The universe is helping me with my desires, expanding my faith in myself and others.

What you put into the world you always get back, I am going to put positive energy so i can receive it back every day!

LOVE this week!!!


Week 22- Life Changing

WOW! This has been an unbelievably fantastic week, the webinar is getting more intense, the Master Key and of course the Silence exercise. I feel change happening inside of me, around me and I am much more aware of my thoughts, so WONDERFUL!

Being silent for a period of time has caused me to question; when am I going to plan this, the changes that are about to happen, the information I am about to find out about myself including inner peace and the amount of time.file9331326743768 Turning off ALL communications, cell phones AHH, TV, computer, and even books I know it will be a real struggle for me because I usually cannot sit still for longer than an hour. I know the payoff is going to be FAR beyond my imagination so I am anxiously looking forward to allowing myself to be silent for 2 days or least 24 hours. I can do this and I have the courage to be silent for 24 hours starting off and only growing the time from there. I am excited to talk with my future self. The payoff is going to be worth it and far beyond anything I have ever done before for myself! I cannot wait to share my experience just as others did on the webinar!

In addition to the silence exercise, this weeks Master Key has been very relatable for me because my boyfriend Travis and I have always talked about that being sick is in our thoughts. You can literally think yourself out of a sickness or disease. The POWER of thought!!! From my observation, medications are not good for your body and typically cause other problems. Travis and I have always talked about the parasitical elite is skewed because it makes people THINK they are sick and need a certain medication to fix themselves. This weeks Master Key proved that it is purely thoughts and I choose to live and be healthy for a very long time without ANY medications, but purely from THOUGHTS and eating well for my body!

Love you all, Love my life and Wishing you all Inner Peace!


Week 21- Power of Prayer and Miracles

The power of prayer. My mom instilled this value into me ever since I was born. While tucking me into bed every night she would pray with me, kiss me goodnight and walk out of my room. I never really appreciated it until I got older and negative things started occurring in my life. I now find prayer to be comforting and something I can do 24 hours 1417438595bkvepwhenever I need it providing me solace. I have always believed in God, but it was only a few years ago when I was struggling with myself that I truly found prayer. Since then, people have entered into my life providing guidance and support. Events and situations also entered into my life. I was open to receiving them feeling they were a sign. MKMMA was one of those signs that has been extraordinary beyond my imagination. I have a family within MKMMA and I am truly thankful it entered into my life.

Is everything around us a result of a miracle or not?….. ABSOLUTELY! I think God is that miracle along with prayer, spirits and our future self. Miracles are always happening around us. A miracle is an unexplainable, extraordinary event or achievement and is the work of a greater power. I believe our thinking can bring miracles into our life as well. I have to believe in Miracles otherwise I would not have faith, hope, and belief in my future self.

Now onto Spirits…. I have literally felt spirits surround me in my life ever since my grandfather passed away in 2005. I have had some weird experiences with spirits and even some took longer to leave than others. The people that passed before me are always there along with God. You are never really gone, I believe spirits live within us and help guide us through struggles. This is part of my miracle. My mom is very religious and she has said to me, “the power of prayer has saved my life.” It is a powerful statement, and after reading the book The Shack and The Master Key: Part 21 I believe now more than ever. I find it interesting that even in the Master Key we read about prayer. Prayer is the power of thought and can help us with our future and constantly bring miracles into our surroundings. This week has been a powerful week for me with the Webinar, Master Key and the Og Readings, it goes so well together and makes me thankful everyday for my life.

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Week 20- Self

142245452141p55We are ALL connected and things are getting more intense with each week that passes by and I am just so overjoyed with excitement. I feel happier and more of a whole person with each day. My future self and I are going more confidently into the world of my ultimate desires and we are living each day like its our last. We have a greater purpose in life, the Master Key this week solidifies this as well as the Og readings every day. My future self and I are spiritual beings, I love GOD and I love myself. He is in me, within in me and through me guiding me everyday. This week has felt as if a weight has been lifted and that everything is going to work out in the best possible way.

I decided to write a poem this week because I felt very inspired.


Kindness Grows
Light Shines
People change
We all evolve
With lots of love
Believe in yourself
and you become
your most desired goals
We are all one
Have faith in yourself
Have love in your heart
We are here for each other
Until we leave this world for the heavenly father

Thank you, love you all!


Week 19- I AM


The movie I Am is an unbelievably insightful and emotionally driven documentary. The movie gave me great insights into the world we live in today and it caused me to take a step back analyzing my own life. Life is short and our thinking can provide happiness without all the material things. This movie showed what is wrong with our world today and actions we can take to change it, “change is the result of a million tiny acts.” I found it so interesting to watch because it provided many truthful lessons that Tom experienced, he had everything he could possibly think of, but that did not necessarily mean happiness. I find that to be a wonderful lesson for society today. It often seems peoples thought of money and things equals success and happiness. This is not always true and this movie gave me a large reality check making me feel more humble.

The struggles Tom Shadyac faced when he might have died from the concussion just made me realize life is short and we truly need to live as if everyday is our last. I love reading Og Mandino everyday because it makes me realize how lucky I am to be here alive and well. All the information we are learning in MKMMA has been eye opening; this movie showed life in a different perspective, but it was still the same information we have been learning and training our minds consistently. WE are ALL connected in the world and are far grander than we can even imagine. People CAN change the world. I have always believed that I have a greater purpose in life and I got put here for a reason. I have lost so many and it has showed me great strength and passion in myself because of where I am today. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this movie and suggest everyone in our country to watch it embracing all the lessons.

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”- Gandhi